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how to play

Games are Different in countries some play with the combination from 1 to 40, (A person has to select 6 any numbers) in Australia or New Zealand, some play numbers from 1 to 49, as in Canada, thats why they call it 6/49 it means you have to select any 6 numbers from 1 to 49.

If you have never played before please selects as follow:

  • Just open the official lottery website or app in your country.

  • Go to Play lottery or select your own numbers

  • Select the Generated numbers as shown in the lines.

  • if you selected powerball then you have to select powerball number as well.

For Better Understanding Go To Our YouTube Channel and See our Video Explaination to play lottery.

how it will work

This Principal is pretty much Same for all Countries basically.
The More You Match With The results the more you win.

  • Some apps gives you results straight away.
  • for People Who Doesnot play Through App they can check it online on offical lottery results.
  • the Results will appear as in divisons as below

if Your 6 Number Matched with results thats lotto win only but if you have selected all 6 numbers and 1 powerball number thats Jackpot. thats Division 1 win.

There are still some chances if you have missed Any number out of 6 and you have matched 5 and match powerball as well that will be the Second Division.

there is a chart below. how the division system works.

New Zealand Divison System Only

Division 16 Lotto + Powerball
Division 25 Lotto + Bonus Ball + Powerball
Division 35 Lotto + Powerball
Division 44 Lotto + Bonus Ball + Powerball
Division 54 Lotto + Powerball
Division 63 Lotto + Bonus Ball + Powerball
Division 73 Lotto + Powerball

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